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Our process for understanding how to effectively leverage the labor power we have against the most pressing needs of the community was created equally from hosting events, helping out local organizations, and distributing as many resources to the community as possible.


Mission Flint has produced a wide array of events, from Thanksgiving feasts and Christmas parties to Back-to-School events and health screenings. We do not simply travel to Flint to drop off water and go home; we ensure that each trip is a conscious process of building and understanding. In providing tangible resources to the community, we attract as many people as possible to communicate and connect with, and it is only in our connection to them that we can be successful. These events are a self-developing process in which we provide a venue for acquiring resources to the community, a venue which also serves as our forum for better understanding the needs of the community. This allows us to acquire information and connections which helps provide better resources in more efficient ways at future events. Better resources attract more members of the community, and so the process continues.


Our leadership team facilitates and carries out the majority of our operations. We rent the vehicle, organize the volunteers, drive to Flint, and handle lodging accommodations. Upon arriving in Flint, our leadership drops off our volunteers at a hotel to rest and eat breakfast while we rent the U-Haul and purchase the pallets of water. With leadership functioning as our primary operational facilitators, we are able to reduce liability and make sure that the funds raised go directly to the people of Flint.

We have created loose associations with many members of the community and strong associations with others. These varying degrees of connectivity comprise our local network. Whenever we plan trips to Flint, we mobilize this local network to coordinate with us so that the methods and purpose for organizing trips correspond with the ever-developing situation in Flint. Each trip consists of a water-drop and some form of network-building like community events or activist meetings.

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